South India & Goa Motorcycle Adventure Tour

South India & Goa Bullet Motorcycle Adventure Tour Information

  • More time in the saddle (2,000 km rather than 1,500 km)
  • A route featuring plenty of cultural and scenic variety
  • A good selection of typical hotels and beach resorts
  • An even more intense Indian experience with our friendly, experienced crew.

Three days in the tropical paradise of Goa and a twelve-day tour of southern India – our classic tour route covering more than 2,000 km for those who love to ride on 500cc Enfield Bullet Motorcycles. This extended bike tour offers considerably more time in the saddle, covers a longer route and tackles the highest mountains in southern India – our "advanced" tour of the South. We ran this tour around 20 times between 1995 and 1999, and it's now back in the program once or twice per season.

We'll visit the most beautiful hill stations, ride our Enfield Bullet Motorcycles through endless tea and coffee plantations in the Coorg region and ride elephants in the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, where we'll be staying in a jungle lodge. The Maharaja City of Mysore with its bazaars, temples and palaces is a further high point of the tour. The Jain temples and monuments of the ancient Hoysala Empire in Belur and Halebid are as much a part of this classic tour as the holy cows and working elephants along the road. We promise you nearly 2,000 km of fun in the saddle. We especially recommend this tour to riders who have been to Hampi with us and are ready for more bike adventure.

Starting in Goa, with its gorgeous, palm-fringed beaches and unique Portuguese flavor, we’ll take the coastal road south along the Arabian Sea. The motorcycle tour will take us through bustling bazaar towns and down quiet country lanes in the Western Ghats and Nilgiri Hills, winding our way up the 2,620- meter Dottabetta.

Detailed Tour Route

Day Activity Accommodation & Destination Distance
1 Arrival in Goa, followed by a day of relaxation and a jeep tour to the beach for the sunset Goa 80km
2 Warm-up day trip through northern Goa, including time on the beach Goa 80km
3 Heading south along the Goan coast to Paradise Beach at Agonda Agonda Beach 100km
4 Today will be a relaxing ride along the coastal highway to Kundapura. Kundapura 200km
5 In the morning we'll visit the Krishna temple in Udupi, and then we're off to the coffee and spice plantations of the Coorg Hills. Madikeri 240km
6 A long day of winding roads through coffee, tea and teak plantations and beautiful national parks Mudumalai National Park 250km
7 Ascent to the peak of Dottabetta (2,620 m) and the Ooty hill station – we'll also be taking the legendary "36 Hairpins" mountain road. Mudumalai National Park 120km
8 Across the fertile Deccan Plateau to the Maharaja city of Mysore. Mysore 120km
9 Today we'll visit the holy Chamudi temple hill, the Maharaja's palace, and the bazaar of the old city. Mysore 50km
10 Biking and culture – today we'll be visiting the holy places of the Jains and the Hoysalas in Belur and Halebid and hravana Belagola. Chickmanagalur 250km
11 A long day full of memorable impressions on the roads of the Deccan. Hubli – Dharwad 310km
12 We'll reach the jungle camp by noon, and in the afternoon it's time for rafting on the Kali river. Ganeshgudi 70km
13 On adventurous dust roads and country lanes down to Goa, back to your favorite beach. Goa 150km
14 Relaxing at the pool in the morning, a visit to the hippie flea market in Anjuna, farewell dinner in the evening Goa 100km
15 Early-morning transfer to the airport, flying independently to your home or next destination. Total length of the tour: approx. 2,000 km Departure from Goa, no hotel
  • Reconnect with your inner biker – at an affordable price. Discover the sights, scents and flavors of India, cruising through tropical jungles with your Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle laying down the soundtrack. Enjoy carefully selected dream routes, leaving superfluous luxury and boredom behind. Fascinating experiences await you: romantic huts on Paradise Beach and bamboo cottages in the jungle camp, unforgettable nights on warm beaches with a crackling campfire, in simple traveler’s lodges or grand colonial hotels. And when the motorcycle adventure is over, there will still be time to unwind on the white beaches of Goa. Look forward to a tropical adventure in an exotic environment and a program with plenty of variety, guided and supported by our experienced, English-speaking crew. Our Road Captains have successfully organized over 250 tours through India in the past 20 years.

    • Lovers of genuine classic motorcycles
    • Riders who aren't afraid of occasional long days in the saddle and eating a bit of dust
    • Anyone who doesn't need luxury to enjoy freedom on the road
    • Riders who also love dreaming the day away on the beach – but not every day
    • Open-minded travelers with an appetite for exotic settings and unusual experiences off the beaten path
    • Riders who want to discover tropical cruising as a form of meditation in motion
    • A 15-day holiday with a 10-day motorcycle tour accompanied by an English-speaking German tour guide and a bike mechanic with a support jeep.
    • Exploring the ruins of 1,000 temples in Hampi, the abandoned capital of the Vijayanagar empire.
    • Whitewater rafting through the jungles of the Western Ghats on the Kali River, a pristine environment rich with exotic wildlife
    • Two nights in the Kali River Jungle Lodge, staying in bamboo cottages with showers and WC en suite
    • Jog Falls – a 200-meter waterfall surrounded by dense jungle populated by indigenous tribes.
    • An elephant safari through the Dandeli National Park to see antelopes, panthers, monkey, crocodiles and more.
    • Mystical Hindu cave temples at Badami, a medieval place of pilgrimage.
    • Four days of biking and beaches in Goa, including Agonda, the southern Goan paradise beach.
    • Malwan Fort on a rocky island in the Arabian Sea.
    • An evening in the bustling bazaar city of Belgaum, experiencing the sharp contrasts of medieval and modern India – a very special experience.

    We only need a minimum of six participants for a tour and offer a choice of six tour dates per season. We will provide you with a well-maintained 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle with comprehensive insurance (EUR 500.00 deductible) for the duration of your stay. You only need to pay for your fuel. We can also arrange extensions for more time in the saddle and on the beach.

    After a period of transition, our fleet now consists entirely of new Enfield motorcycles with electric starters, 5-speed gearboxes and gearshifts on the left. These modified 2008 and 2009-model 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets are now standard on all of our tours. If you prefer, we can still provide classic models with kickstarters and gearshifts on the right. We’ll need advance notice, however. All of our Enfield motorcycles are equipped with full touring gear, including a front disk brake, dual horns, crash guards and roomy, rugged leather saddlebags. All of our bikes have yellow all-India rental registration number plates and special insurance for rental vehicles. The 10-day motorcycle tour covers a total of 1,500 km. The Tropical Goa and South India Adventure tour program always begins with a warm-up day trip, followed by the 10-day tour. The remaining days are free time for relaxing in Goa.

    Tour Services

    • Airport transfers and welcome meeting in Goa with the Classic Bike Adventure team.
    • All overnights in basic and midrange hotels or guest houses in double rooms with showers and WC, two nights in beach huts with shared showers and WC, choice of rooms or safari tents with separate showers and WC at the Dandeli Jungle Lodge.
    • Nine breakfasts and dinners on the tour (drinks not included).
    • Welcome and farewell dinners at the Casa Tres Amigos in Goa.
    • 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet rental motorcycles for riders – for details, see our rental terms and conditions.
    • An optional seat in the support jeep for passengers.
    • Warm-up day tour, introduction to riding in India and Bullet handling for all riders.
    • English-speaking German tour guides – all skilled motorcyclists and inveterate travelers who have spent years on the road in India. They’re resilient in the face of stress and have considerable knowledge of the history and culture of the regions they cover. Our friendly, English-speaking Indian motorcycle mechanics are experienced Enfield specialists with magic hands. The tour mechanic follows the group in the support jeep.
    • All admission fees, road and bridge tolls.
    • Indian maps and a brochure with traffic signs and rules.
    • A custom tour t-shirt.

    Not Included in the Price of the tour

    Personal travel insurance | all drinks, lunch and snacks on the road | three dinners in Goa | river rafting program (approx. EUR 30.00) elephant safari in the national park (approx. EUR 10.00) | boat tour to the crocodiles, bird-watching hike with local wildlife guard (approx. EUR 5.00) | fuel (approx. EUR 55.00) tips, personal telephone charges, shopping and souvenirs | photo and video permits | tourist visa for India (approx. EUR 50.00).

Day Activity Accommodation & Destination Distance
1 Flying independently to Goa.
2 Arrival in Goa, relaxation, welcome dinner in northern Goa. Hotel or guest house
3 A warm-up day tour through the peaceful countryside of northern Goa Hotel or guest house 100km
4 Cruising the exotic Malabar Coast. Malwan 120km
5 Winding our way up the country roads of the Western Ghats. In the evening, the sights, sounds and scents of the bazaar. Belgaum 140km
6 The famous Badami cave temples. Badami 120km
7 1,000 ruins, magic temples and boulders in Hampi. Hampi 140km
8 A day cruising around Hampi. Hampi 50km
9 A long and dusty ride across the Deccan Plateau. Ganeshgudi 260km
10 Rafting and jungle adventure. Ganeshgudi 250km
11 Cruising the jungle of the Western Ghats. Agonda 150km
12 The paradise beaches in Palolem, Patnem and Galgibag. Agonda 50km
13 Back to northern Goa and the end of the tour – relaxation. Northern Goa 120km
14 Beaches and bikes – relaxation. Northern Goa 50km
15 Flying independently from Goa to your home or next destination. Departure from Goa, no hotel Total length approx. 1,500 km