Rajasthan Bullet Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Rajasthan Tour Package Information

Cruise Rajasthan on a Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle or in our jeeps. The Land of the Princes, this is perhaps the most fascinating region on the subcontinent. Once the home of the Rajput warriors, Maharajahs and Mogul rulers, Rajasthan is still the land of 1,001 Nights. The intense hues of the men’s turbans and women’s clothing are a dazzling contrast to the broad desert landscapes. Mighty fortresses line the ancient caravan routes between distant desert horizons and rugged mountain ranges. Fairytale palaces, oriental markets, extravagant artistic treasures and extreme contrasts even by Indian standards are guaranteed to fascinate even the most jaded traveler.

Desert highways lead to the golden city of Jaisalmer, where we will briefly continue our tour by camel. From there, we’ll continue on our motorbikes to the blue city of Jodhpur with its imposing fort, a jewel of Mughal architecture. Winding mountain roads in the Aravalli range will take us up to the ancient Kumbalgarh fort and on to the enchanted streets of Udaipur, the Venice of the East. We then continue riding our motorcycles through little-known terrain into an entirely different world at Bambora. Finally, narrow country lanes will take us to Ranthambhore National Park and its tigers. The kaleidoscope of caravanserais, small desert castles, temples and palaces of Rajasthan culminates with a visit to the world’s most famous monument to love, the Taj Mahal at Agra.

Optimal routing, best seasons for Motorcycle Tours

In Rajasthan, selecting the finest palace hotels suitable for bikers is essential to a great tour. Our line-up is based on years of experience of conducting motorcycle tours and exceeds all expectations. We’ve integrated the undiscovered southeast of Rajasthan with the three exotic towns of Bambora, Bassi and Bundi in our Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour. In turn, we’ve dropped a couple of “major sights” that have since been overrun by mass tourism. That’s a key difference that sets our motorcycle tours apart from those of our competitors, who essentially stick to the standard Rajasthan tour bus route.

The Rajasthan motorcycle tour doesn’t call for any special riding skills, other than coping with chaotic traffic in a few cities. Any competent road rider can easily handle the tour. The complete motorcycle tour covers nearly 2,000 km, with the longest distance ridden in one day being about 330 km.


A maximum of 11 bikers on Royal Enfields, of which up to six can also ride in the jeep. A seat is reserved in the jeep for every passenger. Minimum number of participants: A minimum of seven participants is required for the Rajasthan Desert Dreams Motorcycle tour, which has a maximum of 15 participants plus the crew.

Detailed Tour Route

  • Day 1 - Flying independently to Delhi

  • Day 2 – Arrival in Delhi, bus transfer to Mandawa

    Approx. 8-hour bus trip to the starting point of the tour, the unique Mandawa resort. The camp was created with great attention to detail and local building traditions, and will give us a lively impression of life in the desert villages of Rajasthan. We'll enjoy a dinner buffet under the desert sky.

  • Day 3 – Warm-up tour on the Royal Enfield Motorcycles, approx. 50 km

    Today we’ll be taking a short tour through the arid countryside of the Shekhavati District to get acquainted with our Royal Enfield Bullets. We’ll be stopping in the bustling town of Mandawa with its opulent merchants’ mansions. Evening buffet in the resort.

  • Day 4 – Start of tour, Mandawa - Bikaner 200 km

    Today is our first day on the desert highway, with pure motorbike adventure on the road to Bikaner, an imposing walled city of palaces and colorful bazaars. Our first overnight stay in the Hotel.

  • Day 5 – Bikaner - Jaisalmer, 350 km

    Continuing along the highway on our Enfield motorbikes, to Jaisalmer, an old caravan city. Sand dunes stretch across the northern Thar Desert. We'll take a mostly-paved military road to the desert fortress of Jaisalmer, to this day a dream from 1,001 Nights. We’ll visit the fortress with its impregnable city walls, the palatial houses of merchants and princes, bustling bazaars and winding alleyways of the old city. A mouth-watering dinner buffet will await us in our Hotel at the end of the day.

  • Day 6 – Jaisalmer, desert ride, camel ride, 100 km

    Heading further into the Tharr desert, we’ll saddle up our Enfield Bullets first thing in the morning and take a military road westwards to the remote San oasis. There we'll change to a different mode of transport. We’ll spend the next four hours amid the sand dunes riding ships of the desert. From our Sunset Point, we’ll experience the magical glitter of the fortress of Jaisalmer in the distance and the golden glow of the surrounding desert. From the dinner buffet, we'll have a view of the illuminated fort.

  • Day 7 – Jaisalmer - Jodhpur, 320 km

    Today we’ll spend a long, meditative day on endlessly straight desert roads to reach the next Maharajah city. The arid countryside along the road is used as grazing land for camels, sheep and goats. We’ll then reach Jodhpur, a royal city founded in 1459 with imposing city walls, the mighty Meherangarh Fort and two unusually beautiful palaces. The early evening wil be free for exploring the bazaars of the old city around the bell tower in bicycle rickshaws or on foot. Barbecue dinner and overnight stay in a historical hotel.

  • Day 8 – Jodhpur - Luni, 60 km

    After visiting the imposing Meherangarh Fort, we’ll move on riding our motorcycles to Fort Chanwa in Luni. This stylish palace hotel, which is still a tip for insiders, was recently restored and is now run by the Raja and his family. It’s as though time stood still in the 18th century. Musicians, dancers and puppeteers will entertain us during the festive dinner. The Raja himself often joins us for a drink in his audience courtyard, and we’ll warm ourselves by the fire under the stars of a cold, clear desert night.

  • Day 9 – Luni - Ranakpur, 200 km

    Today we’ll be starting the mountainous leg of the Rajasthan Motorbike Tour through the Aravalli Range on our way to the Jain temple city. Quiet country lanes wind their way through the fertile green hills. Our resort has a magnificent garde middle of the bizarre, craggy landscape. We’ll visit the Jain temples which are renowned for their marble sculptures.

  • Day 10 – Ranakpur - Udaipur, 80 km

    Start the day by riding up on our motorcycles to the majestic mountain-top Fort Kumbalgarh, one of the true high points of tour. We'll reach Udaipur in the afternoon. Many western and Hindi movies have been set there, and Roger Moore – aka Bo James Bond – is virtually a local hero. The city features outstanding architecture, palaces, bazaars, temples and parks. The lakes integrated in the forts and the views of the wild hill country around Udaipur are also truly unforgettable. We’ll be two nights in the city. Our hotel is in the middle of the old city’s bazaar. Dinner will be in a roof garden restaurant overlook Pichola.

  • Day 11 – Udaipur, the Venice of the East

    The morning will be spending the morning sightseeing in the old city, visiting the city palace, the bazaars, and Honeymoon Point. The aftern be free for shopping. Udaipur is the home of artisans, miniature painters, silversmiths and puppeteers. Museums await you stroll to Sunset Point is a great experience, as are visits to dance and puppet performances in the evening. We can also are especially stylish dinner with a view of Lake Palace Jag Nivas, the Maharaja’s marble palace on Lake Pichola.

  • Day 12 - Udaipur - Bambora, 100 km

    We will be continuing the Rajasthan Desert Dreams Motorcycle Tour on winding roads through the far south of Rajasthan, past Lake Jalsamand and through landscapes virtually unknown to travelers. On our last tour, many participants considered be the highlight of the trip. Be ready for a pleasant surprise. We'll be spending the night in Bambora Fort.

  • Day 13 – Bambora - Vijaypur, 170 km

    Passing through exotic city of Chittogarh wind our way up to the vast, commanding fort overlooking the city from its rocky plateau. Next, we’ll continue 25 km to the town of Bassi and the Vijaypur Palace.

  • Day 14 – Vijaypur - Bundi, 120 km

    Today we’ll ride northeast on our motorcycles to the picturesque little town of Bundi with its colorful bazaars. Hotel.

  • Day 15 – Bundi – Ranthambhore National Park, 190 km

    We’ll be taking quiet country roads to Ranthambhore National Park. The Enfield motorcycles will remain silent tomorrow, a bit of luck, we’ll experience the roar of a tiger instead.

  • Day 16 – Ranthambhore - Bharatpur, 230 km

    We’ll spend the day on the lookout for tiger, hyenas, bears, crocodiles, elephants and other wild animals. For centuries, Ranthambhore was a hunting ground for the men,who even created artificial lakes and watering holes to attract big game. This huge area of forests and swamps has some richest wildlife in India. We’ll be seeing an incredible variety of animal life, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a tiger in the We’ll wrap the day with a sundowner on the roof of the Jhoomar Baorii hunting lodge and return to the resort for dinner an another overnight stay.

  • Day 17 – Ranthambhore - Bharatpur, 230 km

    Look forward to a lively mix of country roads and night glowing highways on our last long day on our Enfield Bullet Motorcycles. We'll spend the night in the nature reserve's hotel.

  • Day 18 – Bus tour, Bharatpur - Agra – Delhi

    Today we’ll take a tour bus to Agra to see the Taj Mahal legendary monument to love, and the Red Fort. We’ll be making a brief stop for lunch during the four-hour trip (190 km) to Delhi. There, we’ll have time for our farewell dinner couple of hours to relax in a basic airport hotel. Later that night, we’ll be going to the airport to check in for our return fligh

  • Day 19 – Flying Independently From Delhi To Your Home Or Next Destination

    • Transfers and sightseeing in private tour buses from Delhi airport to Mandawa (including breakfast on arrival) and from Bha Delhi via Agra, and back to Delhi airport.
    • Accommodation in heritage and palace-class double rooms with en-suite shower and WC
    • Breakfast and evening meals, including non-alcoholic beverages, throughout the tour
    • All road and bridge tolls and admission fees for the entire program (excluding photo and video fees)
    • Mechanic with basic command of English
    • Late-model Enfield Bullet 500cc rental motorcycle with electric start and gearshift on the left, yellow all-India rental registrat number plate and special insurance for rental vehicles (EUR 500.00 deductible), disk brake, dual horns, crash guards and rugged leather saddlebags
    • Fuel, oil, etc. for the motorcycle
    • Reserved seat in support jeep for passengers
    • Warm-up motorcycle tour for all riders
    • English-speaking tour guide

Winters can be really cold in northern India! Rajasthan is a desert state with a lot of sunshine and hardly any rain. Nevertheless expect daytime temperatures of around 10-15°C in December and January, with considerably colder nights. Foggy days may those months. Hotels in India are generally unheated and can become quite cold. The time around Christmas and New Years is all for travelling among Indians. Indians are extremely sociable and the concept of noise pollution is quite foreign to them, so hotels at times during the peak travelling season.We recommend November and February for travellers who value warmth, as well as peace and quiet. The days tend to be warm an the nights mild during those months.